Neville's Rising

Neville's Rising

The World is at War

The Second Coalition and the Goldwood Pact, once merely theoretical constructs, have called up their militias and assembled their vast armies. The tension between Chosen King Alfred of Torogne and Great Chief Kasimiur has been brought to a head after years of peaceful, if uneasy, peace.

Meanwhile, Hroekrland calls on its mercenary connections and its citizens to defend their independence against Hochwal, which has raised its formidable armies and declared war on its neighbors, presumably to reclaim its old imperial borders.

The mass mobilization of armies that haven’t seen war in decades is an impressive undertaking indeed, and it’s possible that these shows of force will convince all sides to come to the peace table and negotiate a lasting peace.

Some citizens hope that this is the case, and wait for the day they can go about their lives in peaceful certainty. Others, though, are ready to make a quick profit, earn glory, and do their duty to their countrymen. Only time will tell who hopes in vain.



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